Quest for Forgiveness
J.L. Rothdiener
 Terror in Teutoburg Forest
As a teacher, my heart aches for what our children are being exposed to everyday, and the realities that they experience. Our society has eliminated consequences for our actions and empowered our children with a feeling of entitlement. This book deals with the consequences in very real, powerful ways. Brianna must face the problems created by her choices, and it’s not an easy thing to do. The way the main character takes responsibility is an inspiration to adults and young people alike. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a complicated story line that has a destination and a purpose.”— MELBA LACKEY, Educator

“Caution! You hold in your hands a powerful book. Handle it as you would a box of TNT. It has the potency to stir and move you to tears and transformation. It can be life-changing. You will find this action-packed volume hard to put down once you have started to read it. You will want to share it with young and old.
— BURTON C. MURDOCK, Pastor (retired), Former Editor of Baptist Publications

“Forgiveness is at the very center and heart of this soul searching story of love, sacrifice, spirituality, religion, separation and hurt.
A well-conceived tale that takes you on an emotionally moving journey that shines like a brightly burning candle on a church altar. This is the kind of book that just might inspire and motivate readers to examine their own personal lives. Truly a story worth reading!”
— W. H. MCDONALD JR., Founder of The American Authors Association, Author, Award Winning Poet, Documentary Film Maker, Advocate for Veteran's Rights, Minister,International Motivational Speaker, Vietnam Veteran and Former Radio Show Host
Terror in Teutoburg Forest is a what-if story, where Desert Storm meets the Twilight Zone. From an atomic blast to an epic Roman battle, you can almost hear Rod Sterling narrating as Rothdiener takes you on a historically based journey of sight, sound and mind though this carefully woven inter-dimensional tale. The page turning action leads to a resolution that makes the reader consider if Albert Einstein could have been right about portals the boundaries of time and whether we are guided by chance or Divine direction. Do yourself a favor and don't start this book when you have plans the next day.----- J. M.

A well written account of a battle few people are aware even happened. Mr. Rothdiener has brought two worlds together, the today as we know it and the 1st century. Each character comes alive as the details unfold. I couldn't put it down until the last page was finished. I hope the author will write a sequel to this book and let the characters live on. A must read for everyone who loves history and mystery.---M.J.
"Mira's Theme"
by Derek Prester
Meet Skye
A Quest for Skye