My latest novel is about a ten-year-old girl by the name of Skye.
Skye is a remarkable young lady. Her father is a Greek billionaire, but you wouldn't know it by the way she acted. She never boasts about it. She is just like any other little girl, who loves to run, play, and explore.
Her mother is a medical scientist known throughout the world for her work on rare diseases.
Skye has two dreams. First, she wants to kiss a dolphin. Her parents find that kissing a fish is repulsive. Skye always replies, "Mother, Father, Dolphins are not fish. They are mammals like you and me. You like kissing each other, don't you?" They couldn't argue with that!
Her other dream is to play the piano with her "favoritest" group in the whole world--The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
Skye lives on her own private island, Kardia, in the Aegean Sea.
She just wants to be a child, but unfortunate events throw her into the grown-up world of politics.
Does Skye hold the answer to the worlds' financial collapse? What secret does she hold?
And where do her new friends, Doctors Morgan and Tammy Hamilton, fit in?
Meet Skye
Quest for Forgiveness
Terror in Teutoburg Forest
Meet Skye
J.L. Rothdiener
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A Quest for Skye