The Quest for Forgiveness
J.L. Rothdiener
 Terror in Teutoburg Forest
Thanks to all of the fans who showed up at New Ulm, MN and Hermann, MO for the anniversary of that great battle. Hope you enjoyed the book.
Reenactment of battle
      in New Ulm.

"An evil empire is determined to enslave them and take their land. I feel we have an obligation to stand and fight."
       -- Sergeant Matt Taylor, United States Army

Teutoburg Forest, 2009
The Terrorist Assault's Team's orders were clear. They were to storm the house, capture the terrorists, free the hostages and contain the bomb. None of the twenty-six member, highly trained TAT team was prepared for what would take place on that hot August night. Through a bizarre chain of events, these GI's lives would change forever. They would be forced to choose between a new life or fight for freedom in a way they never imagined.

Teutoburg Forest, 9AD
One of the greatest battles of all times took place in Teutoburg Forest in 9AD. When it was over, more than twenty thousand Roman soldiers were dead. How could a poorly armed, undisciplined group of Germanic warriors defeat this mighty foe? What happened to Varus, the general of the Roman army and his famous soldiers is revealed in this thrilling plot. This is the unknown story of how the battle is fought and how it became a turning point in history.

Terror in Teutoburg Forest
Relive the battle that helped shape the world, as we know it today. The gripping account of how the onslaught occurred is skillfully captured in this exciting historic novel, Terror in Teutoburg Forest, related by author John L. Rothdiener.
Terror in Teutoburg Forest
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