The Quest for Forgiveness
J.L. Rothdiener
 Terror in Teutoburg Forest
In a world where moral absolutes have disappeared, J.L. Rothdiener's latest novel, "The Quest for Forgiveness," is a G-rated book dealing with R-rated material. The story will take you on a journey of a young girl from her life in an orphanage to her life as the world's most successful entertainer. The main character must face dire consequences created from her choices as a young teenager.

Brianna Bays had been abandoned at a Kuwaiti orphanage by a family she couldn't remember; adopted by a family she couldn't understand; and was enjoying celebrity status she couldn't have imagined. Her beauty was her curse, and her solace was her music. Soaring overnight into a world of stardom, her fame and money held the answers to her questions, but she couldn't voice them to anyone. She was too flawed, and had failed too severely. Her staff and her fans would not believe her. She wouldn't believe it if she hadn't lived it. It's a story filled with lies and deceit along a path that leads to forgiveness and redemption. Her search was in her songs; and her redemption is in her honesty.
The Quest for Forgiveness
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