The Quest for Forgiveness
 Terror in Teutoburg Forest
J.L. Rothdiener
Welcome Friends,

Do you want to go on a journey...a Quest?
In the next five years, J.L. Rothdiener will release five novels, each entirely different, but yet with a common theme. Each main character is on a Quest.
The first in the series is "The Quest for Forgiveness." It deals with a young girl on a "Quest" to discover who she really is and where she came from. Everyone of us can relate to this young girl somewhere along life's beaten path.
The second in this series is "A Quest for Skye." A story of a ten-year-old girl named Skye. She was everything each of us should be.
The third is "The Quest for Freedom." The story of six American soldiers still being held captive in Vietnam after forty years.
So get a hot cup of coffee, from The Bean 316 Coffee House, sit back in your easy chair by the fireplace and begin your Quest.
You will laugh, you will cry...above all, you will be encouraged to examine your own life.
Meet Skye
A Quest for Skye